We launched the Jean-Francois and Marie-Laure de Clermont Foundation because we want to make a difference. Its inspiration came from the Institute of Life formed in the 1960s by men who believed in uniting the cause of man and our environment through art, science and culture.

Our Foundation and the decisions we make in terms of funding and supporting projects is inspired by the Institute of Life, which was co-founded by my grandfather François de Clermont Tonnerre.

Through this philosophy of investing in and creating a better future for humanity as a whole, we back big ideas. Ideas steeped in…

Art is everywhere. He gives us this incredible strength to face adversity

… Yes, but today the museums are closed. During the pandemic, many had to adapt and come up with creative solutions to remain “open” to the public.

For example, some have offered free online tours such as the Louvre in Paris, the Reina Sofia in Madrid or the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

Evoking certain works via this blog is a way of sharing an emotion and the reflections that they arouse while waiting for better days…

In 1937, in the context of the time — when disorder reigns (already) in France — the “aging” Popular Front had imagined the organization of…

President Biden will refocus America’s climate policy and investment

Mr Trump has left the White House and President Biden has taken his place as leader of the free world. So, what does a Biden presidency mean for climate change investment?

In an abrupt about turn after the last four years, the US now has a Democrat President, control of the Senate and the House. This should mean massive changes for climate change across the board, including investment.

What are the changes we will see from new climate policy and investment opportunities

President Biden has a lot to contend with as he takes office. From the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccination rollout to the struggling economy and fragile foreign policy.

According to CNN writing on…

If you seek evil among men you will find it; if you seek the good, you will find it too

Creating a Foundation means wanting to serve a cause of general interest by devoting to it a financial heritage, but also part of its time, its experience, its network. It means wanting to give greater resonance to one or more life issues that challenge us and are important to us and to commit to promoting them by supporting certain projects that seem significant to us.

Our Jean-François and Marie-Laure de Clermont Tonnerre Foundation, created in 2009, was inspired by the initiative in the 1960s of a handful of men aware of the urgent need not to dissociate Life from the…

Freedom, how to write your name…

For 2021 we would like to talk about the year of all possibilities!

Over the past months, some intellectuals — especially French ones — have denounced the “reduction of our freedoms” to talk about the restrictions and other measures adopted to try to stem the spread of the Covid 19 virus.

Emmanuel Macron gave an interview on this subject to castigate — rightly — a “contemporary hyper relativism”.

Freedom … a vast inspiring subject that could have been that of the philosophy test of our distant baccalaureate years.

Would we have drifted with age until we made this principle a…

Now is the time to enthusiastically start a new year

Now is the time to enthusiastically start a new year and turn the page on the past twelve months. Traditionally, therefore, it is time for assessments and perspectives!

We are still far from knowing in detail the future societal economic and geopolitical consequences induced by the past year: our lives were turned upside down, we had the impression that our freedoms were restricted, the states were richer and the banks power stations poured out a deluge of money to avoid collapse and acquire the first doses of vaccine.

This Covid crisis has highlighted the vulnerability and unpreparedness of our banking…

All grown-ups were first children but few of them remember it

It’s Christmas week,

We talk about the magic of Christmas we associate it with light and peace, we even go so far as to say that it is a state of mind: it awakens in us, every year, a certain nostalgia for childhood .

Magic, love, donation, sharing, gifts…

It can also be a time when we feel very lonely, or the consumer frenzy can make us dizzy until we forget that Santa Claus lives in the North Pole… and not in China.

What can we say about this 2020 edition, when we know that Christmas is above all about…

The time of the living

The end of the year period is often conducive to nostalgic or even metaphysical reflections, to a more acute realization that time passes and will not return…

He is a French writer — and not least — who has always expressed a real fascination with time. I am talking about Jean d´Ormesson who has devoted many books to it.

One of his latest titles — the guide to the lost — a sort of philosophical stroll articulated around 29 key words, gives a very accurate definition:

“As familiar as it may be and omnipresent in our existence punctuated with large…

2020: Has the time come for the finished world?

In 1991 the biologist and geneticist Albert Jacquard published this book: Here is the time of the finite world.

He then insisted on the fact that the population explosion had to be stopped urgently before the end of the 20th century or else witness a collective suicide due to the depletion of natural resources. Western scientists and ecologists began to multiply alarmist messages to encourage collective awareness of “the spatio-temporal finitude of the biosphere”

The idea that the world is on the verge of ruin is not new: the various examples of apocalyptic literature attest to this, whether ancient, Persian…

Why the 21st century will be the century of the brain

The prodigious progress of research in the field of the brain and the promises which follow from it have made some scientists say that the 21st century will be that of the brain.

This is one of the subjects that is particularly close to my heart, which is why our Jean-François and Marie-Laure de Clermont Tonnerre Foundation supports the international collaboration in the field of brain sciences carried out jointly by the SWC and the ELSC.

I find it fascinating to have to recognize the essential role of ensuring the proper functioning of our vital functions (heart rate, mobility, motor…

Jean-François de Clermont-Tonnerre

Jean-François de Clermont-Tonnerre is a French entrepreneur and investor with a 25-year career in finance and business.

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